Our Track Record

For over thirty years, VTEC’s consultants have automated and updated more than two hundred libraries and information repositories on various platforms – from proprietary systems and LAN/Windows based systems to Cloud Systems using virtual servers and storage.

VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd, (known as Vitechnology Systems Ltd in Hong Kong) was founded in 1987 by two computer professionals from Australia. In 1989, a second office was opened in Singapore to further develop the company’s application software and to support its clients. With two offices, VTEC provides local support in the Asian region and continuous upgrading of its applications.

VTEC Systems has a sound reputation for quality software and consultation services in the automation and development of Information Resource Centres. We have serviced clients in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore across various industries. Some of these industries include schools, theological seminaries, universities, government and commercial sectors and non-profit organisations.  To date, some 200 information centres/libraries have benefitted from  VTEC’s software and services.

From accumulated knowledge and expertise, VTEC Systems specializes in the provision of systems and services to help organisations automate their information repositories and libraries.

What our users say about VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd:
“More than a relationship of vendor and customer, we work with VTEC/ Vitechnology as partners and friends.”
“VTEC helped define our needs and evaluate the system better.”
“VIBRANT has local support which has been good.”
“VIBRANT is stable and VTEC support is friendly”
“Although reasonably priced, we have not lost out in functionality and good support.”
“I was impressed by VTEC’s service…”